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My first week of school...

Day one:

All was quiet at my home. When I woke up and went downstairs, I ate some breakfast and got dressed for school I was excited yet nervous to go as my mum was taking me to school. After school I sat on my chair and played videogames.


Day two:

It was 6:00 in the morning and I was so very excited to go back. when I got there I came back to being nervous all of a sudden. After school I play more videogames all night (and got a drink to from the pantry).


Day three:

All was still quiet at home and this time I was annoyed but glad at the thought that it'll be over. After I got back on my chair and played videogames. After that, I had a very nice dinner I loved my afternoon. 


Day four:

I was silent when I woke up and more annoyed to go to school and yet lazy after a few minutes. After school, I went to kiss my mother, took 3 drinks and went upstairs to play videogames.


Day five:

I loved Friday because it is the last day of school. I was so very excited till' the end of school. After my mum picked me up, I was getting annoyed my little sister lizzie. After a very long day of school, I went upstairs and played videogames for the rest of the day.

My first morning at Clanfield Junior School!

When I woke up for school, I felt quite nervous yet exited to go. I started of my day by getting off my bed and going downstairs I had croissants for breakfast and I loved them so much, making me feel alive! After I finished my breakfast I played on my family's computer for entertainment after that, my sister (Lizzie) told me to change for school so I changed it took me 5 minutes to get dressed and get ready for school. Then my mum drove me to school but with a little injury on the way but I handled it

I love my first morning of school. 

Fairthorne Manor

Yayy!!!! I had so much fun  at Fairthorne! I loved the crate challenge and the zip wire - it was the best trip ever! The hot chocolate tasted so good and I loved it! We got  really muddy but it was worth it!

Iam warrior

coolIn English we have been reading  the thefs of osteya

Ancient Egypt

In English we have been writing a story about  Ancient Egypt. We had some homework linked to Ancient Egypt. Are homework was to pick three Gods and write a description about the Godsit was so fun and exciting.

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